Community Champions

Breast Cancer Champions are community members and natural leaders that are committed to being recognizable sources of breast cancer education and support in their communities. Additional education in breast cancer and communication, and a commitment to share and grow, are part of being a Champion. Champions are equipped to recruit and train new Champions. Champions educate at screening events and creatively find new moments and meetings to educate women in their communities about breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer Champions was launched with Sisters Standing Up to Breast Cancer to reach Black women for breast cancer education and screening. Black women are more likely to delay breast cancer screening and be diagnosed with breast cancer at a later stage, which leads to greater breast cancer mortality among Black women. We support Sisters Standing Up to Breast Cancer’s mission to increase breast cancer screening among Black women by supporting Black women leaders’ community education efforts.

Supporting Champions in training new Champions is central to the project. We hope that a larger number of active Champions in communities will encourage greater breast cancer screening in those communities.

This project is co-organized by Sisters Standing Up to Breast Cancer, the Breast Cancer Education Association, and the University of Minnesota,