Welcome from Ann and Lois

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Awareness AssociationWelcome to the annual Breast Cancer Education Association Conference, a very special day dedicated to learning, supporting, sharing, empowering, and communicating with others in our community whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. We hope that this year's conference gives everyone the knowledge that is so very necessary to deal with this disease and that it also empowers us with the strength needed to go through this journey.

As you know, we are a grass-roots organization which means that without all of you, and all of your help, we would be lost. So, we'd like to thank our friends, families, co-workers and loved ones for your continued efforts and support.

Any organization is only as strong and as good as its parts. We are grateful to our Board of Directors. Their hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. We would also like to acknowledge our fabulous volunteers. Without their creativity, brilliance, sense of humor, vision, tireless hours, and most of all, their loyalty, we could not function! And finally, we would like to thank our many corporate sponsors who year after year continue to believe in our cause and continue to give us not only the financial wherewithal but the time, talent and enthusiasm to enable us to continue with our mission of educating and inspiring those affected by breast cancer.

Over the years we have met so many wonderful people, men and women, young and old, with diverse and varied backgrounds.  The sad truth is that breast cancer knows no boundaries. Because of this, we are very passionate about helping everyone learn about breast cancer detection, prevention, treatment, and support resources. We continue to believe that with knowledge comes empowerment, with community comes inspiration, and with support comes hope. We want to thank all of the esteemed professionals who so generously share their time, expertise, and knowledge with us on this important day. It is a day of celebration, it is a day of sharing the beauty, grace, and strength of ALL breast cancer survivors and their loved ones. Thank you very much for attending. We hope that this day fills you with knowledge, enriches your life and most of all, leave you with HOPE.