Jack’s Caregiver Coalition


Jack’s Caregiver Coalition was founded in 2014 by three male caregivers who wanted to “pay it forward” by sharing their own experiences with other men in similar circumstances. Today, they are on a mission to improve the way men think, feel, and act in their role as a cancer caregiver.

The organization is founded on the belief that:

• One of the biggest and most important challenges a man can face in his lifetime is that of caring for a loved one with a serious disease like cancer.

• Every man has the potential to rise to that challenge and bring his boldest, most confident self to it.

•  When men fully engage with their role as a caregiver, the wellness of the loved ones they care for, the wellness of their own selves, and the wellness of their entire families will be significantly improved.

• Creating a community for men who are caregivers has the potential to improve entire communities.


The hospitality provided by Jack’s brings these men together, and together they improve. At Jack’s, men find understanding and support from others who have been in their shoes. Volunteers help with the daily work that still needs to get done, from raking leaves to painting a room. And respite events like ice fishing, golfing and hunting provide self-care opportunities.